Health Board

Committee Creation & Term Expiration

T.C.A. §68-2-601

NO County Commissioners

4-Year Term

Appointed and Elected By

Appointed by County Commission;
County Mayor;
Director of Schools;
2 TN Licensed Physicians Nominated by the County Medical Society;
1 TN Licensed Dentist Nominated by the County Dental Society;
1 TN Licensed Pharmacist nominated by the County Pharmaceutical Society;
1 TN Licensed Registered Nurse nominated by the County Nurses Association

Ex-Officio Members – County Health Director & County Health Officer

Present Members

Dr. Randall Collins, Veterinarian
May 2024 – 4 Years

Andrew Finney, Pharmacist
May 2024 – 4 Years

Dr. Glenn Jones, Dentist
Jan. 2026 – 4 Years

Jan Alexander, Registered Nurse
May 2024 – 4 Years

Dr. Sid King, Doctor
Jan. 2026 -4 Years

Dr. Wayne Hooper, Doctor
Jan. 2026 – 4 Years

Hal Hendricks
Health Department Director

Anthony Holt
County Mayor

Dr. Del Phillips
Director of Schools

Health Board

  |  Salary to be discussed with applicant