Joint Economic and Community Development Board

Committee Creation & Term Expiration

T.C.A. § 6-58-114
Coterminous with County Commission

Appointed and Elected By

Determined by Inter-local Agreement

Present Members

Executive Members
Jamie Clary, Mayor of Hendersonville
Paul R. Goode, County Commissioner
Paige Brown, Mayor of Gallatin
Anthony Holt, Sumner County Mayor, Chairman
Jimmy Johnston, Forward Sumner President, Vice Chair
Tim Ellis, Goodlettsville City Manager

Full JECD Board Membership
Sumner County Mayor Anthony Holt, Chairman*
Gallatin Mayor, Paige Brown*
Hendersonville Mayor, Jamie Clary*
Millersville Mayor, Tim Lassiter*
Mitchellville Mayor, Bobby Worman*
Portland Mayor, Mike Callis*
Westmoreland Mayor, Jerry Kirkman*
White House Mayor, Mike Arnold*
County Commissioner Paul R. Goode**
County Commissioner, Deanne DeWitt**
County Commissioner, Larry Hinton**
Goodlettsville City Manager, Tim Ellis (Coterminous with appointed office)
Director of Schools Dr. Del Phillips (Coterminous with contract)
Sumner County Tourism Executive Director, Barry Young
Tony Bentle, Business Community, Westmoreland (2-year term – December 2023)
Frank Flynn, Green Belt Representative (2-year term – December 2023)
Mike Fussell, Business Community, Hendersonville (2-year term – December 2023)
Ace Harrington, Business Community, Gallatin (4-year term – December 2023)
Jimmy Johnston, Forward Sumner Economic Council, Vice Chairman (4-year term – December 2023)
Earl Fischer, Gallatin EDA Board Chairman (4-year term – December 2023)

Goodlettsville Mayor, Jeff Duncan
James Fenton, Gallatin EDA
Denise Geminden, Portland ElCD
White House City Administrator, Gerald Herman
Mary Laine Hucks, Goodlettsville ECD

*Coterminous with elected office
**Coterminous with elected office (August 2022 – 4 years)

Joint Economic and Community Development Board

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