Law Director

  |  $165k - $185k, depending on qualifications
Department: Law Director

Sumner County is seeking qualified applicants for the position of the Sumner County Law Director. The Law Director is responsible for handling all the legal matters of Sumner County. The Law Director is expected to be competent in a wide range of practice areas. Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the issues that the Law Director would handle:

  • Provide legal advice to the County Commission, elected officials to include the County Mayor, department heads, and various boards and committees of Sumner County;
  • Represent Sumner County in all litigation in state and federal courts as well as administrative agencies;
  • Coordinate with and supervise outside counsel as necessary;
  • Draft and review contracts for Sumner County;
  • Conduct closings for any transfer of property involving Sumner County;
  • Ensure compliance with the Tennessee Public Records Act;
  • Draft resolutions, legislation and any other legal documents for Sumner County;
  • File suit, prepare title searches, send statutory letter and notice for tax collection and hold delinquent tax sales;
  • Review grant applications and agreements;
  • Oversee self-insurance, health and risk management programs, including the County Occupational Compensation Plan;
  • Assist Finance Director with Bond and financial standards as well as statutory bidding;
  • Support Development Services and Codes departments with interpretation and enforcement of the relevant resolutions; and
  • Provide training regarding civil rights and constitutional law issues for county offices and departments;
  • Manage all bankruptcy and probate claims involving county assets;
  • Assist Human Resources Department with various issues;
  • Advise Judicial Commissioners;
  • Coordinate matters with TVA, TDOT, TDOC, Corp. of Engineers and other state and federal agencies;
  • Address concerns with construction and renovation projects;
  • Handle Brown Trust meetings and documentation;
  • Coordinate state filings and bonds of committees, boards, elected officials;
  • Answer citizen questions related to pending topics;
  • Coordinate proper handling of the remains of indigent persons; and
  • Initiate lawsuits on behalf of the county when necessary.

All interested applicants should submit a resume no later than October 24, 2022, by email to or by mail to 355 N. Belvedere Drive, suite 303, Gallatin, TN, 37066.

  |  $165k - $185k, depending on qualifications