Public Records Request

Public Records Request

How To Make A Public Records Request

Our goal is to provide you quickly with the public records that you are entitled to in a convenient manner. In Sumner County, access to public records are governed by the Sumner County Public Records Request Policy and the Tennessee Public Records Act. We ask that any records request be made with as much detail as possible to help us more easily locate the requested record.

Who do I contact to make a Public Records Request?

All public records requests for inspections and/or copies of records must be made to the Public Records Request Coordinator or the Department’s Records Custodians (listed below). It is preferred that all public records requests are made in writing or using the Public Records Request Form. This allows for the clearest communication and most accurately informs the staff fulfilling the request exactly what records are requested. Any requests for copies of public records must be in writing or made via this form. Requests for a simple inspection of public records can be made by any normal means of communication with the appropriate records custodian or the records coordinator.

(Please note, the Coordinator or Custodian may ask the requestor to provide documentation confirming Tennessee citizenship.)

After receiving your request, the Coordinator or Custodian will work to complete your request. If your request cannot be completed promptly, the Coordinator will contact you with the estimated time necessary to complete the request. Please note, there may be a cost for the production of your request (if you have requested copies). The Coordinator will inform you of any cost up-front before fulfilling your request. Your request may be denied if it falls under an exception to the Tennessee Public Records Act. You will be informed in writing if your request is denied.

Records Custodian Contact Information
Department Records Custodian and E-mail
Building and Codes Debi Smith
Circuit Court Clerk Kathryn Strong
County Clerk Jennifer Mitchell
County Executive's Office Angie West
County Trustee Cindy Cantrell
Development Services Kathy Young
Elections Commission Annette Haw
Emergency Management Ken Weidner
Emergency Medical Amy Summers
Finance Department Jessica Allison
Health Department Hal Hendricks
Highway Department Sheila Troutt
Law Director's Office Ben Allen
Office of the Clerk and Master Mark Smith
Register of Deeds Holly Hemmrich
Risk Management Kim White
Sheriff's Office Natasha Latham
Tax Assessor Paul A. Fornes
Veteran's Affairs Rebecca Gallion

Public Records Request Coordinator
Ben Allen
Phone: (615) 451-6060
Fax: 615-451-6061

Questions or concerns?
Contact the Sumner County Law Director’s Office at 615-451-6060