Sumner County All Name Index Miscellaneous – Loose Records

Alexander, Jas.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Alley, Henderson, astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Allison, J.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
appearance of jurors, 1789Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Archer, ThomasMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Armstrong, Martin?Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Ausbrooks, W. C.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Baker, AndersonMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Baldridg, JosiahMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Baldridge, J. W.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Baldridge, JosiahMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Bank of Hendersonville, 1914Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Bank, charter, 1871Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Baptist ChurchMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Baptist Church, Station Camp Creek, 1831Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Barker, J. H. farm plat, 1896Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Barnes, AlexanderMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Barnes, Maria E.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Barrow, JamesMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Barry, Redmond D.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Beasley farm plat, 1883Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Bell, BenjaminMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Bell, Geo. W. & MargaretMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Blackmore, J. A.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Blank form, 1786Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Blank form, apprenticeship, 1786Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Blood Horse Association, charter, 1871Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Bloodworth, Webb, taxables, 1820Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Blount, William appointsMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Bolly, JohnMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Bowman, J. A., poll tax deferral, 1866Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Brackin, John, astray, 1840Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Bradford, Norman, bond for goods,1845Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Broun, Harris Capt. 1901Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Brown, AllenMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Brown, Harris Capt.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Browning, J. A. & Co.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Browning, Jacob A.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Bruce, JamesMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Bruce, William B.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Butler, S. D. & J. M., store inventory, 1894Miscellaneous -Loose Records
C & N R. R. Co.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
C & O R. R.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
C. W. CallenderMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Cage, JamesMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Cage, WilliamMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Cage, William Jr.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Cage, WilsonMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Cainey Fork Union Meeting House, land, 1819Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Cairo, deed, 1797Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Callender, C. W.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Carr, Wm. deed,Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Cartwright, David, astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Census, 1826, incompleteMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Chambers, John, astray, 1840Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Chandler, George/Mary deedMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Christian Meeting HouseMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Christian Mtg. House, 1818Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Church Covenant, no dateMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Civil disturbances in Murfreesborough, 1849Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Civil WarMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Civil War, Federal Military RecordsMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Civil War, Garrison Equipage, 1863Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Civil War, Militia enrollments, District 5, 1865?Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Civil War, stories and advertisements, 1895Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Clark, D. S. & Co.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Clark, Isaac, petition to free slave, 1820Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Clendening, W. F.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Clendining, John, astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Coates, A. H.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Commercial Club of Gallatin, 1900Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Confederate $100 billMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Continental CongressMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Cooley, William, astray, 1840Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Corbett, JosephMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Cork, WilliamMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Cotton shipments to EnglandMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Cotton, Hugh, astray, 1840Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Cotton, Priciller, astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Coulter, T. J.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Court executions, 1799Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Cowper, WilliamMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Crocket, RobertMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Crockett, DavidMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Cumberland and Ohio R.R. Co., charter, 1872Miscellaneous -Loose Records
CumminsMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Cummins, Margret, astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
David ShelbyMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Davis, J. L.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Defree, F. M., plat, 1915Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Dickerson, BenjaminMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Dickerson, John, astray, 1840Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Dickerson, Waller W., astray, 1838Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Dillard, J. O., inventory, 1879Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Dolelson, M. M., astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Donelson, Jennie L. & J. B.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Douglass, AlfredMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Douglass, H. L.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Douglass, James Sr., astray, 1839?Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Douglass, William E.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Douglass, Wm. E., 1837Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Dr. P. Hart, 1858Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Duties paid, 1818Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Eckols, JoelMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Edward Harris, EdwardMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Election Certificates, 1865Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Election returns, 1836Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Elliott, George LynnsMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Elliott, John dec'dMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Elliott, ZebiahMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Emancipation of Esea, 1820Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Emancipation of slavesMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Emancipation petition, 1806Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Enon College Charter, 1852Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Exum, Arthur deedMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Exum, Benj., astray, 1840Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Fines due, 1795Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Fisher, Peter report, 1797Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Fitch, J. N. & Mary F.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Fitzgerrald, GarrettMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Fleming, WilliamMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Fox Scalps, 1883Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Freeland, Thomas P., astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Funkhouser, ChristopherMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Gallatin Fire Department, 1889Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Gallatin Hotel, rental contract, 1898Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Gallatin JailMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Gallatin Jockey ClubMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Gallatin Roller Mill, charter, 1890Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Gallatin, 1801Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Gallatin, deedMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Gallatin, paving the square, 1824Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Gambling, JamesMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Garrett, Easter, 1840Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Garrett, JamesMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Gilbert, JohnMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Goostree, JosephMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Governor of TennesseeMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Green, William D., tax assessment, 1874Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Guthrie, J. N.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Gwin, JohnMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Hadley, Joshua, taxables, 1812Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Hall, William Gen.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Hallyburton, John P.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
HamiltonMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Hamilton, Clabourn W., astray, 1840Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Hamilton, Clabron, astray, 1840Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Harlow, Anderson H., astray, 1840Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Harper, Sam'l. W., astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Harris Brown with plat, 1902Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Harris, EdwardMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Harris, JohnMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Harrison, Nathanel, astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Harriss, I. W.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Hart, P. Dr.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Hartsville Female Inst.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Hassell, GenetMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Hassell, Isaac C., 1889Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Hay, R. H.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Haynie, LewisMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Hays, JamesMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Henderson, Jas. W.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Hendersonville Incorporation, news article, 1901Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Hiett, William, astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Hitchings, G. W.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Hodge, J. H.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Hodges, Asa W., astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Hodges, Meredith, astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Howard Female Institute, 1894Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Insolvencies, 1808Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Jackson, J. E.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Johns, Francis T. Mrs., astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Johnson, Thomas, taxables, 1813Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Josiah Baldridge, 1831Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Kentucky Land GrantMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Kentucky land patent for land in TN, 1837Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Kentucky Tennessee State Line, survey, 1900Miscellaneous -Loose Records
King Soloman Masonic Lodge, 1819Miscellaneous -Loose Records
KnightMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Knight, Murfree deedMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Lafayette Sanders 1822Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Land laws, by Polk & Sevier, 1777-87Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Lane, Bennet, astray, 1840Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Latimer, Howell, taxables, 1813Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Law, Henry, astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Leonard, JohnMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Letter to Examiner re: primary election, no dateMiscellaneous -Loose Records
LettersMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Levy, L. L., legislative candidate, 1857Miscellaneous -Loose Records
List of residents and dogs, 1876Miscellaneous -Loose Records
List of unpaid & repaired watches, 1876Miscellaneous -Loose Records
ListsMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Livar, LizzieMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Louisiana, instrument of protest, 1846Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Love, JosiahMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Lyon, JohnMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Madding, ChampnessMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Marshal, AnnieMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Martin, J. H.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Martin, William astray, 1840Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Masonic Lodge #113Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Mathews & Ryan, accounts, 1834Miscellaneous -Loose Records
May, R. H.?Miscellaneous -Loose Records
McEwen, R. H.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
McKendree, A. A.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
McKinney, FrancisMiscellaneous -Loose Records
McLane, Sam'l., astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
McLaughlan, NeilMiscellaneous -Loose Records
McNutt Findlay & Co., accounts, 1809Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Meness, James, taxables, 1813Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Methodist Episcopal ChurchMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Methodist Episcopal Church from Genet Hassell 1859Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Methodist Episcopal Church, SouthMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Militia list, 1816Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Miller, Kleben & Woods S., accounts, 1843Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Mitchell, WilliamMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Montgomery, Jefferson, astray, 1840Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Morris, Samuel, astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Mt. Zion Academy, 1830Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Murrey, Thomas deedMiscellaneous -Loose Records
NC grantMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Neal, Creath, astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Nelson, RobertMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Neophogen School, District 5, deed, 1884Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Nevell, George deedMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Newman, Malinda dep.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
News articleMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Newspaper, The War, 1813Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Nickens, WilliamMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Nimmo, William, astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
North Carolina GrantMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Osborne & Manson, bankruptcy, 1879Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Overton, ThomasMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Parker, George deedMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Pass for Negro "Altemont," 1832Miscellaneous -Loose Records
PatentMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Paton, Hiram, astray, 1840Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Patterson, C. B. dep.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Patterson, William K.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Pearce, IsaacMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Peirce, BenjaminMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Petition for ferry, 1835?Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Petition for new Civil District, 1819Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Peyton, Balie buys Sir Charly, 1843Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Peyton, John Sr., taxables, 1813Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Poorhouse inmates, 1890Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Poorhouse Occupants, 1840-1849Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Poorhouse, plat, no dateMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Pryor, JosephMiscellaneous -Loose Records
RationsMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Rations, 1789Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Reed, Clarissa, astray, 1840Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Reiden, Richard, astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
RoadsMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Roads, overseersMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Roads, Public law, no dateMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Robertson, Elizabeth, astray, 1840Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Robertson, HenryMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Rodemer, J. C., inventory, 1891Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Roney, George W., astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Roney, James, astray, 1840Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Roney, William, astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Rosenburg, L. & Brothers, bankruptcy, 1880Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Russell, John C.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Sanders, LafayetteMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Sanforde, WallerMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Saunders, Hubbard, taxables, 1813Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Schell, S. F.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Scholastic Population, 1838, Districts 2-9, 11-13, 15, 17-18, 20Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Scholastic Population, 1839, District 16Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Scholastic Population, 1840, Districts 2, 8 10, 14, 15, 17. 18Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Scholastic Population, 1845, District 6Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Scholastic Population, 1866, District 5Miscellaneous -Loose Records
School & Church, District 3, 1843Miscellaneous -Loose Records
School, Slater's deed, District 15Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Schools, Rules & Regulations, 1888Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Seawell, RobertMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Sevear, JosephMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Shannon, John, taxables, 1813Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Shelby, DavidMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Shelby, PricilleMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Shepher, John, astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Skyles, Henry, astray, 1829Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Slade, William deedMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Slave, deed toMiscellaneous -Loose Records
SlavesMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Slaves, runawayMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Smallpox Hospital established, 1865Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Smit, Thomas M.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Smith, James, astray, 1840Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Smith, John L.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Smith, Joshuay, astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Smith, Thomas M.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Smothers, WilliamMiscellaneous -Loose Records
State legislature, 1824Miscellaneous -Loose Records
State of NC, nonMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Station Camp Creek, plat, 1851Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Steamboat "West Tennessee," bill, 1844Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Steele, SelinaMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Stone, JoelMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Stratton, Jas., astray, 1839?Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Sumner County High School Charter, 1887Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Sumner County School, District 19, 1851Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Sumner County, deed for Lot #2, 1802Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Sumner County, list of lawyers, 1857Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Sumner, Jethro deedMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Tatum, Howel deedMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Tax list, 1791Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Tax list, 1813Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Tax list, 1814Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Tax list, 1826Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Tax list, 1831, insolventMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Tax list, 1838, District 6Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Tax list, 1862, District 15Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Tax list, 1868, District 18Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Tax list, 1872Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Tax list, Capt. Rice's Co., 1825Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Tax list, errors, 1875Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Tax list, insolvent, 1789?Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Tax list, magistrates, 1830Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Tax lists, 1819Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Taxable property, 1798Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Taxes, collected, 1826 -1832Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Taxes, double, 1832Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Taxes, land condemned for, all districts, 1866-1867Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Taxes, polls, District 15, 1913?Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Tennessee County Officers, fee book, 1901Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Tennessee Deaf & Dumb School, brochure, 1900Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Tennessee GrantMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Tennessee Grant to SevearMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Tennessee Secretary of State, report, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Tipplers, 1865 -1867Miscellaneous -Loose Records
TitleMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Title AbstractMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Tomlin, James, astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Trail, SolomonMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Transmontainia Academy, 1818Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Trousdale, James deedMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Turner, Margaret A.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Turney, Mr. speech, 1850Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Vincent, Eliz. H. & M. D.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Vinson, James, astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Voters, 1834, no district #Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Voters, 1838, District 1, 3, 12, 17Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Voters, 1838?, no district #Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Voters, 1844, District 16Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Voters, 1848, District 15Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Voters, 1865Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Voters, 1865, District 1-3, 5, 7, 9-10, 12-15, 17-19Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Voters, 1865, District 16?Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Voters, 1866, District 3Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Voters, 1867, District 13Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Voters, 1867, District 19Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Voters, District 15, no dateMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Voters, District 16 no dateMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Voters, District 8, no dateMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Voters, no date or district, probably 1865Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Voters, no date, District 12Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Votes - talliedMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Wallace, Samuel leaseMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Walton, I. W.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Walton, WilliamMiscellaneous -Loose Records
War Department, 1816Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Westmoreland Corporation, 1900Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Wilkinson, JesseMiscellaneous -Loose Records
William Smothers, 1901Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Williams, AlexMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Williams, Lemuel, astray, 1839Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Williamson, JamesMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Wilson Cage, 1845Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Wilson County, road jury list, no dateMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Wilson, DavidMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Wilson, FrankMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Wilson, J. C.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Wilson, J. S.Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Wilson, RobertMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Wilson, William deedMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Winchester, JamesMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Winslow, HartMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Wirt CollegeMiscellaneous -Loose Records
Withers, Hugh, astray, 1838Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Woodall, William, astray, 1840Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Youree, Patrick, astray, 1840Miscellaneous -Loose Records
Zarecor, George, astray, 1840Miscellaneous -Loose Records

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Sumner County All Name Index Miscellaneous – Loose Records

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