Tennessee Housing Assist Fund Program Rollout Approval

January 13, 2022

Tennessee Housing Department Agency just received the approval to roll out the much-needed Tennessee Housing Assist Fund Program (TNHAF). This program is designed to assist homeowners with

  • Mortgage payments
  • Past-due HOA fees
  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Property Taxes

COVID-19 Hardship includes:

  • Unemployment or Underemployment – Significant Reduction in Income
  • Substantial increase in expenses directly related to COVID

Households may apply for assistance up to $40K (TOTAL)

  • Can be used to catch up on payments
  • May pay up to 6 months moving forward
  • Can apply multiple times if a new COVID hardship is incurred
  • Household income less than $119,850

To participate, login to THDA.org